Tuesday, July 8, 2014

About Me!

My name is Stacey Trombley and I'm an author of novels for teens and preteens, a wife and a soon to be mother. Balloons have always played a large part of my life so it was a natural progression for me to get into balloon decorations by using my creative eye and experience with balloons to start my own business.
Find out more about my books here: www.StaceyTrombley.com and more about my balloonatic story below.

I grew up with balloons, and I mean that literally. My father started out as a machinist but had a love of entertaining with magic during youth events which drove him to start his own business as a magician/balloon man.

He still does magic regularly (I guarantee you'll have a fifty cent piece behind your ear 24/7 if you're around him) but he's mostly known for his amazing balloon creations. So since the age of six balloons have played a large part in my life. I still get the occasional comment "Oh! You're the balloon man's daughter!"
Yes, yes I am.

He's done many things with balloons, small balloon animals for hundreds of kids at parties, elaborate balloon sculptures, balloon decorations for wedding and business grand openings (and yes, I've helped him with anything and everything). He's now stepped away from the decoration part of his business to focus on his non profit (which is pretty incredible) but since that was always my favorite part of the buis, it's what I've decided to step into.

But that's just the beginning of my story, isn't it? If you'd like to see what's next, feel free to shoot me an email and we can talk about what kind of balloons you'd like at your next event (believe me, the options are endless.)

I'll be posting here about the events I do, first up is my friend Ashley's bridal shower, followed by her wedding. Keep a look out for those photos!